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From yesterday to today



It was established in 1977 as a workshop that outsourced jewelers to casting. In the early 1980s, with the rapid development of the jewelry industry in Turkey and opening to foreign markets, it became a company in 1983 and started to manufacture jewelry casting machines and equipment. Teknik Döküm continues its services by diversifying the machinery it manufactures in order to meet the diverse machinery and equipment needs of the industry and by signing agency agreements with many foreign companies. In 1987, he held the first Jewelery Foundry seminar in Turkey and contributes to the development of Turkish Jewelery with the seminars, education and training activities he has been continuing until today. Apart from the private sector, many universities, vocational high schools and public institutions establish and operate Jewelry Design workshops. Thus, it becomes the leading organization in Turkey in its field.

After 1996, it started to operate in sectors other than jewelry. Since 1996, the luggage control and metal inspection systems and equipment of airports, government institutions and similar places have been meeting the needs. Since 1997, metal inspection systems have been meeting the needs of products produced in food businesses, textile companies and similar sectors. Since 2001, induction systems have been meeting the need for heating applications in various areas of the industry. Since 2016, checkweiger has been meeting the need for weight control of products in the food and hygiene sector. Since 2018, microwave moisture measurement systems have been meeting the need for moisture determination of products in sectors such as food, medicine, feed, tobacco and chemistry.

Micro TIG welding machines


In 2006, Lampert brand micro TIG welding machines were brought to Turkey for the first time and started to serve in the jewelry industry. This revolutionary technology for the jewelery industry has become widespread in a short time. PUK welding machines, which were designed only for the jewelry industry for many years, were developed in 2013 for the needs of different sectors. After the jewelery sector, PUK Micro TIG Welding Machines were developed first for the dental sector and then for the industry sector. In 2018, PUK welding machines special for box letter manufacturing were designed and put into the service of the advertising industry. Today, PUK welding machines are used in jewelery, eyeglass repair, advertising, dentistry, hobby and many areas of the industry. This technology, which is easy to use and practical, has provided a solution to more than 500 users.