The PUK D5 welding machine is an easy-to-use, compact and versatile welding machine. Specially designed for applications in dentistry and for welding materials. It can easily do all the daily tasks that a laser source can do. It is a welding machine that you can easily use for welding orthodontic wires or prosthetic teeth, and you can easily weld many metals such as CrCo, CrNi, gold and Titanium.


The facts reveal themselves:

It is easy to use. With smart presets, you can start welding in just a few steps. First the metal is selected, then the welding type is selected, and finally the welding starts after the power and time are set. With its ergonomic structure, it allows users to weld in the most comfortable and convenient way. It is durable! Every detail has been specially designed and the best quality materials have been used in its manufacture. The user never has any difficulties during welding. Welds consistently, reliably and effortlessly.

Who is the PUK D5 for:

It can be used in all dental laboratories working with welding. It meets all the resource needs of laboratory workers working in the field of orthodontics or prosthetic teeth (such as bridge welding).


  • Superior welding characteristics
  • Consistently reproducible and high-quality welding results on all materials suitable for welding
  • Precise positioning of welding points
  • Very low, controllable heat dissipation
  • Welding of even the finest materials
  • Provides easier and faster repair and welding
  • Precision welding under the welding microscope
  • Maintenance-free technology
  • Low operating costs, extremely good price / performance ratio
  • Compact size - fits any workshop
  • Very low cost consumables
  • Low argon consumption