PUK S450

PUK S450 is a compact and practical welding machine designed for welding stainless parts. It is durable! Welds consistently, reliably and effortlessly.


The facts reveal themselves:

The S450 does not need a fan or vents. The passive cooling system makes no disturbing noises and is energy efficient. The S450 has a sealed, tight enclosure. Thus, none of the metal dust formed in the workshop penetrates the device. It is prevented from damage or device errors caused by unavoidable deposits.

Why PUK S450:

Much more practical and durable than soldering. The negative effects of chemical products used in soldering are not seen in PUK welding. Solder residues that are not cleaned well in soldered welds form white spots over time with the effect of weather conditions. These spots are never seen in the PUK source. Box letters joined with solder cannot be painted in static paint ovens, but this is not a problem for letters welded with PUK.

Welding with PUK S450 is fast, practical and cost-effective. It can be used anywhere as it has a small and compact structure. It does not take up space in your workshop and is a mobile device due to its dimensions and weight.


  • Consistently reproducible and high-quality welding results on all materials suitable for welding
  • Precise positioning of welding points
  • Very low, controllable heat dissipation
  • Welding of even the finest materials
  • Maintenance-free technology
  • Low operating costs, extremely good price / performance ratio
  • Compact size - fits any workshop
  • Very low cost consumables
  • Low argon consumption