New PUK 6

The new PUK 6 is adept at welding accessories, adding metal, fixing works, welding rings, closing flicks, seam welding and welding metals such as gold, silver, platinum, titanium, steel from 0.2mm thickness.




Able to shoot profound 3.3 times per second: Profound speed increased by 65%.

Smoother, more homogeneous weld spots – perfect weld seams even with variable weld gaps

Higher heat generation in the part when required: Excellent welding results even with critical materials

50% smaller weld points in the low power range

The minimum pulse duration is now reduced to 0.1 ms:

67% shorter welding time in micro mode

70% higher screen resolution for improved viewing angle in all working conditions

Quick operation and material selection with direct menu selection with a single pan-push-tilt button

New standby mode: continuous availability with 85% lower energy consumption

Handpiece (torch) 20% faster and therefore more agile electrode movement

Maximum electrode thickness now up to 1mm

Up to 50% longer lifetime of the electrode


  • Superior welding characteristics
  • Consistently reproducible and high-quality welding results on all materials suitable for welding
  • Precise positioning of welding points
  • Very low, controllable heat dissipation
  • Welding of even the finest materials
  • Provides easier and faster repair and welding
  • Precision welding under the welding microscope
  • Maintenance-free technology
  • Low operating costs, extremely good price / performance ratio
  • Compact size - fits any workshop
  • Very low cost consumables
  • Low argon consumption